Review: 21 Actionable Tips To Increase Affiliate Sales (2020)

Getting affiliate sales is not easy. But you can make it easier by using some tips and tricks.

When it comes to generating affiliate sales, most of the people think about having more traffic.

But it’s not just about getting more traffic. It’s about getting targeted traffic and convert them accordingly.

Yes, that’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. You don’t need a have a huge amount of traffic to make affiliate sales.

You can use some tips and tricks to increase your affiliate sales dramatically. Here I’ll be sharing some tips to increase your affiliate sales without increasing your traffic.

Note: If you haven’t started affiliate marketing yet, don’t read this post. Rather read this one: A Step-by-Step Guide to Monetizing Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing.

Now let’s get started.

No matter how you have been blogging, a few of your posts get the most of the traffic. Those are the popular posts.

The best way to increase affiliate sales is to monetize those posts. You need to look for affiliate opportunities on those posts.

You can find your popular posts from Google Analytics. Just login to Google Analytics and select the site. Then go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. You will find the high traffic generating posts there.

You can also use other analytical tools like Jetpack or Clicky to find your most popular posts.

Now let’s see what you can do to monetize the popular posts.

  • Look if there are any affiliate programs for the products/services you’ve mentioned in the post.
  • Try to promote relevant products/services on those posts.
  • Check how other bloggers are monetizing the same kind of posts.
  • Try to interlinks some of the relevant posts where you’ve added affiliate links.

Once you’ve found some affiliate sales-generating posts, apply the next technique to get even more sales.

2. Find Potential Keywords That Can Generate More Traffic & Sales

There was used to be a time when bloggers could see which keywords were generating traffic to the blog posts from Google Analytics. And they optimized the posts for those keywords.

Unfortunately, Google has hidden those keywords behind “(not provided).” But you can still get a portion of those keywords from Google Search Console.

Here’s how to do it.

Login to Google Search Console. And click on Search Traffic > Search Analytics from the left-hand side.

Try to find out the potential keywords and optimize your posts with those keywords to generate more traffic and sales.

You can also use this for a single blog post to drive more targetted traffic.

Just select “Pages” and click on the post link.

On the next page, select “Queries”. And you will get the keywords that are generating traffic to that post.

Then optimize your post for the right keywords and get more traffic as well as sales.

3. Makes “Sales Generating Posts” Clutter-Free

Every blog post has a purpose rather than serving readers. It could be getting subscribers, social shares, affiliate sales, etc.

When you find that some of your posts are generating good affiliate sales, you should optimize those posts only for affiliate sales.

This way you’ll be able to generate more sales. Here are the few things you can do to make those posts clutter-free.

  • You can consider disabling the sidebar for those posts. It helps your readers to focus on the content only.
  • Disable opt-in pop-up for those posts. The opt-in form may distract users.
  • Optimize images for quick loading.

So make a list of best affiliate sales-generating posts and start optimizing them.

Now let’s move to the next point.

4. Add Tables To Your Blog Posts

People skim a lot. They don’t have the time to read your whole post.

When you have a table in your blog post, it will help them to find the information easily. And it increases the chances of getting more clicks on your affiliate links. And it will eventually generate more sales.

Here’s a screenshot of a table I’ve used on this post.

This table is created with WP Table Builder plugin. It’s a drag and drop WordPress table plugin.

And another amazing thing about the table is that if it gets picked for Google Featured Snippet, you will get a lot of organic traffic.

Here’s what I am talking about…

So adding tables to blog posts can increase your traffic and sales.

5. Improve Your Blog Design and Speed

First impression is the best impression.

This is true for blog design too. A bad design can scare your visitors away. And they will never come back.

When it comes to having a good blog design, you need to use a premium theme. A premium theme comes with a beautiful & responsive design.

Here at RoadToBlogging, I am using Astra Theme. It’s simple but attractive. And it’s optimized for more conversions.

And another important thing is blog speed. People don’t have time to wait for your site to load. Slow speed decreases conversion rates. So make sure your site loads quickly.

Read: How to Speed Up WordPress Blog: 9 Easy Steps

Most of the time we add an affiliate banner to the sidebar, and it shows to all blog posts. But a single affiliate banner can’t be relevant for all blog posts.

Suppose you have a blog post about web hosting and it’s showing an SEO product on the sidebar. Will you get the sales for SEO product?

There are very few chances. But if you show a web hosting affiliate banner, there is much more chance to convert. This is called Exact Targeting.

You can see a great example on this post at AuthorityHacker. It shows a lifetime deal of the product they have reviewed on the post.

Having targeted offers on the sidebar will definitely increase your sales. You can use these following two plugins to display custom sidebar and make it sticky.

  • Custom Sidebars: This plugin allows you to show different sidebar on each post or page. This way you can display targeted offers.
  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget: It’s a compliment to Thrive Clever Widgets. This plugin allows you to make widgets sticky that float in the sidebar when the page is scrolled down or up.

The next tactic is similar but more efficient.

The exit-intent popup is not something new. We are using it to build the email list.

But have you ever used it to increase affiliate sales?

Probably NOT. I’ve started using it recently. And it has grown my sales dramatically.

The idea is to display a relevant offer or a recommendation when the user is about to leave the page.

It works great for “Products/Services List Posts.” People often get confused to choose one from many alternatives. A popup with a recommendation can make it easier.

Here’s an example of a pop-up I am using in one of my blog posts.

You can also use exit-intent to offer a discount or coupon code. It might work too. [If you’re going to show coupon/discount, you can use our coupon plugin – WP Coupons and Deals]

I am using Thrive Leads to set up exit intent. It allows me to set up different pop-ups for different posts. I mean I can specify the pop-up to show on a specific post.

If you have been blogging for a while, chances that a lot of your old posts don’t contain affiliate links.

If it’s true, then you are leaving money on the table. To fix this, you need to add affiliate links automatically to the specified keywords.

You can easily do it by using ThirstyAffiliates plugin.

All you have to do is to enter the keywords which you wish to link with an affiliate link and limit the number of time.

It will turn specified keywords into affiliate links for your old and future posts. And your blog will be monetized with affiliate links.

People love discounts. That’s why sites like RetailMeNot & Groupon make tons of money.

But have you noticed that these sites are eating affiliates’ money?

Yes, they are taking your money.

For example, you send a visitor to a product page, and he is about to buy. But “the Coupon Code” field stops him. He starts looking for coupons on Google. And he ends up following several coupon sites’ affiliate links. There is a chance that you will miss the sale.

To stop visitors from searching coupon codes, you should add coupon codes to your blog posts.

You can use WP Coupons & Deals plugin to add such coupon box.

You can also use “Free Trial” link with Affiliate links. It increases affiliate conversion rates.

Read: How To Add Coupon Codes In WordPress Posts & Pages

Some affiliate programs offer widgets and tools that can be inserted into your blog posts directly. It’s a great way to let users try the services and land them to the service pages.

For example, Namecheap has a domain name search widget that you can embed on your blog post. Your visitors will be able to search a domain from blog post directly. Here’s the tool.

Find a domain starting at $0.48

However, these tools may not be available for every niche. It works great for online tools and services related niches. If you are promoting online tools and services, you can use this technique. There are some other tools like SEMrush, Namecheap, Bluehost, etc offer these widgets.

Deep linking means creating a custom affiliate link for a particular page.

When you are talking about a particular feature of a product, it’s good to send the visitors to the feature page rather than the home page.

One of my affiliates was not generating any sales even if I was sending a lot of visitors. Then I changed the landing page direction, and it started getting sales.

If you are getting clicks but no sales, you are sending visitors to the wrong page. You need to fix this by using custom affiliate links.

Most of the affiliate programs offer deep linking. Some affiliates named it “Alternate Incoming Page Links.”

Even if there is no deep link generator on your affiliate panel, you can create the custom link manually. Just ask your affiliates how to do it.

12. Use Affiliate Links Rather Than Your Review Post Links On Your Blog Posts

This is a common affiliate marketing mistake.

Many bloggers use their review post links while mentioning products/services name on the blog posts.

 You can do it occasionally. But inserting review post links every time may decrease your sales. Because an affiliate landing page is more optimized for conversion than your review post page.

So if you are doing it, stop it now. Add your affiliate links and see more sales.

13. Create a Resource Page

This is something that I have ignored for a long time. But having a resource page is very crucial to generate more affiliate sales. Pat Flynn of revealed that the resource page is the most profitable page of his blog.

Creating a resource page is very easy. Just make a list of the tools and services you are using and showcase them on a page.

You can check my resource page here:

It’s not necessary to add the premium tools and services only. You can also add free tools which you are using and can be useful for others.

Like resource page, you can also show your recommended tools/services in different ways. One of the common places is the footer section. Here’s how Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner adds affiliate links on the footer section.

You can do it in many other ways. If you are a regular reader of RTB, you might have noticed this yellow box under many blog posts.

I use this box to promote Thrive Architect. You can use this trick to get more sales. Just be creative.

People often click on an image and find it’s not clickable.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you should make images clickable. At least the product images or images having a call to action button.

This way you will get more clicks as well as sales.

Read: How To Make Image Clickable In WordPress

The caption of an image grabs the readers’ attention quickly. You can take this advantage to generate sales. Whenever you add a caption to your image, try to put an affiliate link there.

Here’s an example.

However, don’t it frequently. Add affiliate links on captions wisely.

Because of the rise of Ad Blockers, advertising publishers are losing a lot of revenue.

It can also affect the affiliate marketers if they use the banner code directly provided by Affiliates. Ad Blocker plugins block banners with an external link.

You can get rid of these by using cloaked affiliate links in the banner.

18. Use Call to Action Buttons

No clicks, no sales.

One of the prerequisites of getting sales is getting clicks. People need to click on your links.

Sometimes having contextual links is not enough to get your links clicked. To fix this, you need to use the call to action buttons.

Adding one or more call to action buttons on your blog post can make a huge difference. I’ve tested this on some of my sales-generating posts and it has increased my sales.

Having a call to action buttons is very important for lengthy posts. Because people skim these types of posts.

Add one or more call to action buttons and see the difference.

I am using Ultimate Blocks to add the call to action buttons to the blog posts.

Many bloggers promote the same products/services. The easiest way to convince your readers to use your affiliate link is to offer extra bonuses.

For example, if you are promoting a web host, you can offer Free WordPress Installation as a bonus.

You can also provide other types of bonuses like –

  • Your own eBook.
  • Checklists.
  • Video Tutorials of affiliate products/services.

However, never offer cash backs. Most of the affiliate programs don’t allow this.

Using the right affiliate tools is crucial to get success in affiliate marketing.

I’ve already shared a list of best affiliate marketing WordPress plugins.

Here’s the list of tools I am using for affiliate marketing.

  • Astra Theme: It’s light-weight and optimized for SEO.
  • Thirsty Affiliates: It’s the best affiliate links management plugin for WordPress. It offers some amazing add-ons.
  • Thrive Themes Plugins: Thrive Themes has some excellent plugins which can skyrocket your conversion rates. Thrive Leads, Thrive Architect, and Thrive Clever Widgets are the must-have plugins for affiliate marketers.
  • Ultimate Blocks: It’s a Gutenberg blocks plugin for bloggers and marketers.
  • WP Table Builder: It’s a conversion-optimized drag and drop WordPress table plugin.
  • GetResponse: I use GetResponse to build my list. Having an email list is vital for affiliate marketing.
  • Google Analytics: It gives insights into how visitors find and use your site.
  • Google Search Console: It helps you to optimize the visibility of your site.
  • SEMrush: It helps you to analyze your competitors to beat them in the search results.

21. Ask Affiliate Company To Increase Your Commission Rates

Some Affiliate Programs offer a higher commission for higher sales. If your high generating affiliates have this option, that’s great. But if not, you can ask your affiliates to increase your commission rates.

You can negotiate with your affiliate manager to increase your commission rates. If you are a high seller, they might increase your rates. I was able to increase my affiliate payout rates of Bluehost by negotiating.

So here’s what you can do.

  • Collect all the information about how you are promoting them.
  • Then check the commission rates of others.
  • And send an email with your future promotion strategies and what you can bring to the table. And ask to increase your commission rates.

Over To You

Hope these tips and tricks will help you to increase your affiliate sales.

When it comes to increasing affiliate sales, the most important thing is experimenting with different things.

So experiments a lot. And implement the ways I’ve shown in this post.

And another important thing is using the right tool. I’d recommend you to use Thirsty Affiliates and Thrive Tools to make affiliate marketing easier.

However, if you found this post useful, help me by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Review: How to buy a domain name from GoDaddy [For $4.99]

The very first step in starting a blog or website is buying a domain name. The domain name is the unique name of your blog / site.

For example, RoadToBlogging.Com is my domain name. Every time you type this domain name on your browser, you go to my blog.

If you are thinking of buying a domain name, you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll show you how to buy a domain name from GoDaddy for only $ 0.99.

Before going any further, I would like to give you some tips for choosing a good domain name.

  • Use the .com extension if possible.
  • Make it easy to spell and memorize.
  • Avoid copyright infringement. You cannot use a brand name on your domain.
  • Avoid hyphens, numbers, and obscure terms.
  • You can use your name as the domain name if you cannot choose a name.

Once you have determined your domain name, now is the time to purchase the domain name you want.

When it comes to buying a domain name, I suggest you go with the major domain registrars like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc. Here I will show you how to register a domain name from GoDaddy. GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar.

Follow these simple steps to purchase (register) a domain name from GoDaddy.

Step 1: Go to and search for the domain name

First, go to, then type in the desired domain name and click “Search”.

Step 2: Check the availability of the domain and add it to the cart

If the domain name is not available, it will display “[domain] is taken. ”And it will suggest an available domain name based on your domain search.

If the domain name is available, it will display “[domain] is available. ”Just click“ Add to Cart. ”(Make sure your domain name is spelled correctly).

A pop-up window will appear on the right side. GoDaddy automatically adds 2 years of registration. Simply select 1 year and click “Continue to Cart”.

On the next page, GoDaddy will ask you to purchase ‘Domain Privacy & Protection’. It hides all your personal information (address, phone number, e-mail, etc.) from the public.

If you want to invest money to hide your personal information, keep it as is. Otherwise, select “No thanks”.

Then uncheck “Start your website for FREE”. Otherwise, it will cost you after a month. And then click on “Continue to cart”.

You will be redirected to the start.

Step 3: proceed to checkout

Now you need to check out to complete your purchase. Your total cost will be $ 4.99 if you haven’t taken any additional services.

Just click on the “Check” button.

Step 4: Create an account on GoDaddy

If you already have an account on GoDaddy, simply log into your account. If you don’t have one, you need to create one. Just give your email, username and password, create the account.

Step 5: Enter your billing and account information and make payment

In the following steps, you need to enter your billing information and payment information.

GoDaddy offers several payment options. To reveal this offer you must use a credit / debit / prepaid card or checking account.

After entering all your information, click “Save”.

Complete your payment. Your account will be activated automatically and you will receive a confirmation message in your email. You will also find your login information there.

That’s all. You now have a domain name.


Once you have a GoDaddy domain name, you’re just a few steps away from getting your site live.

Read: I have a domain name… What now?

Hope this step by step tutorial helps you buy a domain name from GoDaddy. If you have any questions regarding GoDaddy, feel free to leave them to me via a comment.

Review: How to configure the Akismet WordPress plugin (with a free API key)

If you’ve just started a blog, you might not know spamming comments and trackbacks. But these things can destroy your blog with spam comments and trackbacks.

Now the good news is that WordPress offers a pre-installed plugin called Akismet which stops spam.

You need to activate the plugin and configure an API key to get started with Akisment.

A lot of people thought they had to pay money to get the API key. But you can get it for FREE if you run a personal blog, not a business blog / site.

Here I will show you how to configure the Akismet plugin with a free API key.

Before moving on to the tutorial, here are some FAQs about Akismet.

Akismet is a WordPress plugin that filters comments and trackbacks from spam. It is founded by

Akismet checks blog comments and pingbacks and filters out those that look like spam. Then, it lets you examine the spam it detects.

Yes, you need Akismet if your blog comments are enabled. This plugin will help you get rid of spam comments.

Can I get Akismet for free?

Yes, you can get it for free. I’ll show you how to get it for free in this tutorial.

Do I need Akisment with Disqus?

No, Disqus has its own spam filters.

Now let’s move on to the tutorial.

How to configure the Akismet plugin for free

The configuration of the Akismet plugin is very simple. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Register for Akismet

First, visit Akismet’s registration page and select the first (personal) plan.

How to configure WordPress Akismet plugin (with free API key) 2

Here Akismet will ask you to pay money to get started. But it is not essential. You can set it to $ 0 / year.

Now enter your e-mail address, your name and the URL of your site; and tick the boxes. Then click on the “Continue with personal subscription” button.

How to configure WordPress Akismet plugin (with free API key) 3

Akismet will send you a confirmation code to your email address. Copy and paste the code. And click on the “Continue” button.

How to configure the Akismet WordPress plugin (with a free API key) 4

Akismet will send you an API key. Go to your inbox and copy this code.

Now go to WordPress Dashboard> Plugins> Installed Plugins and click on “ Settings ” under Akismet Anti-Spam.

Hope this article has helped you get started with the Akismet WordPress plugin. If you have encountered any difficulties, please let us know via a comment. However, if you found this article useful, please help me by sharing this article on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Review: Melio Carbon Review | Cybex stroller review

Cybex has launched its lightest stroller to date, the stylish Cybex Melio Carbon. Weighing in at just 5.9kg, the Melio Carbon is an ultralight, beautifully constructed stroller designed for the hustle and bustle of city life.

A stroller designed for busy city life

Carbon fiber is a strong material known to be incredibly light, so it’s no surprise that it’s used in the creation of Formula 1 racing cars. It turns out to be a very useful material too. to create the ultimate in lightweight strollers.

The Melio Carbon is a stroller designed for convenience while combining luxurious comfort and superior functionality so you can transport your little one around town with ease.

A lightweight travel system

The Melio Carbon might fall into the lightweight stroller category, but this stroller should not be underestimated.

Designed for everyday use, the durable carbon frame of the stroller is designed to take your child from birth to three years old without compromising on performance.

Designed for use as a complete travel system, the Melio Carbon frame is compatible with the Melio Cot, Cocoon S, and CYBEX’s award-winning infant car seat line, including the Cloud Z i-Size.

Compact, foldable with one hand

The Melio Carbon can be reclined to a fully flat position with just one hand, regardless of the seat position. The fully flat position allows you to use the seat from birth and, of course, allows for those very important naps on the go for older children.

The stroller folds up very quickly in a neat stand-alone packaging for easy storage and transport. Its compact folding and lightweight design make it easy to take and carry. With a stroller in one hand and baby in the other, you’ll navigate the underground stairs with ease.


How to prepare your child for toilet training

How to create the ultimate luxury nursery

Superior comfort

The Melio Carbon has been designed to give your baby a luxuriously comfortable ride. The stroller reversible seat unit offers modes facing parents and the world according to preference. Its ultra-soft breathable fabrics and removable comfort inlay are machine washable and washable.

The stroller XXL UPF50 + extendable canopy will protect your child from the elements all year round. There are two mesh windows to promote healthy air circulation and provide your child with a fantastic view, rain or shine.

Excellent handling

It’s a stroller designed to move, and what’s more, it can turn effortlessly in no time. Testing the Cybex Melio Carbon is like testing driving a car with power steering when you are used to driving one without it. Its flexible rear wheel suspension and front wheel shocks make it easy to push even on cobbled or uneven streets.

If a stroller could actually dance, it would score maximum points on the paddles.

The Melio Carbon is available in “Deep Black” in selected stores from August 2020. For more information on the new Melio Carbon, visit

Review: Shop Kids’ Halloween Fashion | Halloween Fashion

We explore everyday fashion that is oddly suited to October and the celebration of Hallows Eve and beyond. We’ve found everything from spine spine scary skull sweaters to baby shoots and spooky shoes. You’ll find something perfectly macabre for Halloween right here in this spooky roundup!

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8 spooky children’s books for Halloween


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Christina walter

Review: Best Halloween Children’s Books | Best Halloween Books

Have fun skele this Halloween and turn hugs and kisses into bugs and whistles and with a collection of the best Halloween stories for kids, as recommended by the UK’s largest children’s reading association, BookTrust.

You’re going to love these kids’ Halloween books at first bite, with just the right amount of “ scary ” to laugh with your little one.

Emily Drabble, responsible for books, promotion and awards, shared her thoughts on Halloween reading: “Changing your reading routine based on the events of the calendar of the year is an easy way to save time. fun, exciting and engaging read for toddlers. It also helps kids understand the world around them a bit more by explaining why everything is scarier this time of year!

Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Lydia Monks
Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Summary: Princess Eliza is having a birthday party. But just as she blows out the seven candles on her cake, the evil wizard arrives… uninvited.

Author: Ed Vere
Publisher: Puffin Books

Summary: Have you ever wondered if somewhere, not too far away, there could be monsters?

Author: Giles Andreae Illustrator: Emma Dodd
Publisher: Orchard

Summary: There are so many scary things to do on Halloween. You can carve a pumpkin, bake ghostly cookies, do tricks or treats in a shiny costume – and eat lots of yummy candy! Finally, it’s time to cuddle with mom and go to bed, because even little monsters need sleep!

Author: Katharine Holabird Illustrator: Helen Craig
Publisher: Penguin

Plot: Helen Craig’s delicate and intricate artwork beautifully evokes the Halloween vibe and is packed with details kids will love to explore.

Author: Amy Sparkes Illustrator: Sara Ogilvie
Publisher: Red Fox

Plot: Can our young hero take on a monster zoo full of naughty creatures – and survive to tell the tale?

Author: Helen Nicholl Illustrator: Jan Pienkowski
Publisher: Puffin

Plot: In this first story about beloved characters Meg the Witch and Mog her cat, the couple set off for a wild Halloween party with all the other witches.

Author: Emma Yarlett
Publisher: Little Tiger Press

Summary: This is a story about a little monster called… Nibbles. And with that, he nibbles his way out of the book! This truly exciting reading experience is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Author: Mark Sperring Illustrator: Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Summary: This daringly rhyming picture book features four skeletons prone to accidents. Children will laugh at their various misadventures, making this a great book to share with little ones on Halloween.

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Review: Halloween Pumpkin Pair Game | My Baba

A few weeks ago I made a Halloween themed memory game that went down in the storm with my loads. Today’s game is another memory game, but this time it’s a Halloween pumpkin pair game. YC loves playing a cupcake version we have from Orchard Toys, so I figured I’d make us all a Halloween pumpkin-themed version.

Be sure to follow my Halloween board on Pinterest for more ideas. Don’t forget to save the pin for later.

You will need:

  • Wooden pumpkin shapes available at Hobby Craft
  • To paint
  • Pens
  • Brush

I originally wanted to make pumpkins out of paper and then make them available as a PDF for download. Unfortunately, with an 8 month old child to care for the time escaped me and I was not given the chance. I hope I will have done it next year.

The next best thing that I came across was wooden pumpkin shapes from hobby crafts. Although the pack contained three different sized pumpkins, it suited my purpose. It also means that you can adapt each game to the age of the child. With very young children, you can just use the larger size pumpkins. For older kids, like EC and YC, you can use them all.

Start by sorting your pumpkins in pairs. Then paint your pumpkins orange. I painted both sides.

halloween pumpkin pair set

After the paint is dry, decorate one side of two pumpkins so that they are identical. Continue to decorate your pumpkins to have sets of pairs. I used pens and pencils to draw my designs on the pumpkins.

How to play

Toss all the pumpkins together and arrange them so that they are facing down.

halloween pumpkin pair set

Each person then takes turns to find a matching pair. If you find one pair, you have another.

The person with the most pairs at the end wins.

For some reason, we recently played these games right before bedtime. Fortunately, it’s a pretty relaxing game, so it helps calm YC and EC down before we have our story together (i.e. if they don’t start arguing).

Pin for later:

Halloween Pumpkin Matching Game: A Halloween memory game for kids.

Nanny AnitaHalloween Activities

About the Author

Nanny Anita

Review: Shop the spookiest Halloween decorations and supplies

Scare your household with this spooky selection of witch-worthy Halloween themed merchandise! Decorate your home ready for your party of six with this fabulous collection of accessories. There’s something for every ghoul, ghost and goblin!

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Halloween melting activity


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Where to pick a pumpkin in October: locations across the UK

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HalloweenHalloween PartyHalloween 5

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Review: Wooden spoon puppets for story time | Nanny Anita

While I was training in college, we had to make our own story bags; they would be full of props to accompany a specific book. It is always fun to give children the props and for them to act out the story that is read or that from memory. This time, I filled my story bag with wooden spoon puppets.

Be sure to follow my board of books on Pinterest for more ideas. Don’t forget to save the pin for later.

To make your own wooden spoon puppets, you will need:

  • Wooden spoons
  • A book
  • Paints
  • Paint brushes

First choice of the book you want to create puppets for; Rapunzel just happens to be one of BB’s favorite books right now. Which is great, because it meant I could draw the Tangled Disney characters on the spoons.

I recommend using paints rather than pens for this. I tried using an acrylic paint pen but even this one was bleeding into the wood.

wooden spoon puppets

YC was telling BB the story at bedtime.

When the wooden spoon puppets were finally ready, I left them with the book for BB to find. At first he made me read the book using the puppets. Then he used the puppets while I was reading it, and now he’s telling the story using the puppets. It’s really sweet to see him tell the story, and it’s a great way to encourage a love of books and storytelling.

wooden spoon puppets

BB playing it while I read it.

If you liked these wooden spoon puppets, be sure to check out My Owl and Crocodile LR Eating Word Puppets.

Pin for later:

Add wooden spoon puppets to story time for more fun.

Activities for children Nanny Anita

About the Author

Nanny Anita