Review: Christmas Advent Calendars | Best Advent Calendars For Kids

We’ve researched the best Advent Calendars for your family to count down to the big day. Whether you are a fan of traditional bay windows, those stuffed with toys and chocolates or even calendars that allow you to personalize each window with your own little gifts, here you will find inspiration for all.


Remember the ’80s and early’ 90s when Advent calendars weren’t superfluous but it was so exciting to see what picture was behind a new door each morning.

There is something very special about a traditional advent calendar.

Toys and accessories

There are so many different types of toy Advent calendars on offer, from LOL and Frozen to Toot Toot, LEGO and Marvel, whatever your child is, there is sure to be an Advent calendar to suit them.


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If you like the customization, we’ll leave it to you to purchase the gift. Here are some wonderful options:

Chocolate and sweets

If it’s all about chocolate at home or at home, you will have no trouble finding your favorite brand. Here are some of our favorites:


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