Review: Fisher-Price Toy Museum | Retro toys on Instagram

Fancy a trip to the past? Many of us are feeling nostalgic right now for obvious reasons, so what better time to start a retro toy museum? This is exactly what Fisher-Price did to celebrate its 90th birthday.

A one-of-a-kind experience will be uploaded to Fisher-Price’s official Instagram account where the legacy of over 90 toys will be fully on display. The Fisher-Price Toy Museum kicks off Oct. 16 on their official Instagram page and we couldn’t be more excited.

Remember the iconic toys at the Fisher-Price Toy Museum

The Toy Museum will showcase the company’s most iconic toys from the past 90 years in a fun, interactive display of images and videos on the popular social media platform Instagram.

Fisher-Price favorites will come to life like never before via an artistically curated digital gallery for adults and kids to enjoy on their smartphones.

A digital showcase of the past nine decades of Fisher-Price toys

Do you remember the iconic roller skates of the 80s? They will be presented in a miniature ice rink with wood-paneled floors and carpeted walls. The retro Chatter dial phone? Another star of the show.

Each toy has been cleverly styled to match the look and feel of the decade the toy first went on sale, andThe various exhibits will also be organized by decade, so you can easily locate vintage toys from your childhood.

American artist and designer Leila Fakouri

Each exhibit at the Fisher-Price Toy Museum has been lovingly designed by the famous American artist and designed Leila Fakouri, known for her design work with brands such as Chanel, Nike, Gap, and Levis.

Leila’s multimedia approach uses a unique combination of eclectic design, textural form, and vivid color palettes. It even used the dimensions and textures of a real museum to give you the most authentic experience, all from the comfort of your own device.

Leila Fakouri says: “These toys were designed and created in a variety of time periods spanning nearly a century. Each decade has its own style, colors, vibe and nostalgic memories. I have focused on bringing this to life by organizing a beautiful and intricate variety of installations that reflect the visual language of each time.

The Fisher-Price Toy Museum launches October 16 and will be hosted on the official Fisher-Price Instagram page at

Chuck Scothon, Senior Vice President of Fisher-Price, Global Head of Early Years and Kindergarten, Mattel, says, “At Fisher-Price, we are always looking for ways to create playful connections between children and adults in their life. As many families continue to seek virtual experiences to enjoy together, we are opening a new digital museum that will allow visitors to share memories of their favorite toys with their children.

Whether your Fisher-Price memory plays with the Chatter rotary dial phone as a toddler, stroll behind the bubble mower, or spark an undying love of music with the Music Box record player, the Fisher Toy Museum -Price is the place to relive it all “, adds Scoothan.

About Fisher-Price

Celebrating a 90-year milestone since its inception in June 1930. The pioneering US-based company, which has been a staple in millions of happy childhoods and has a rich history of innovation, was the first to use and call the phrase ‘Preschool Toys’ (1934), the first to create licensed toys and one of the first companies to make coding available to preschoolers with the introduction of code-A -Pillar (2016) award-winning.

In 2020, during the global COVID pandemic, Fisher-Price has released a special collection of collectible figures and Little People community champions called #ThankYouHeroes, where all net proceeds go to charities supporting COVID efforts. The company recently launched a new campaign to 360-degree multi-year marketing campaign titled: “Let’s Be Kids,” which celebrates seeing the world as children see it, with optimism and humor, while inviting adults to grow up and rediscover the joy of play.


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