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I was going to try and make Lego pumpkins with my fillers, but after searching through all of the blocks there really wasn’t enough to make more than one. Pity. Instead, I changed it to make Hama bead pumpkins. We tried to create both flat dishes and slightly harder 3Ds. The good thing about doing things with Hama beads is that you can iron them and turn them into permanent decorations or you can make one and then destroy it at the end and reuse the beads for something else.

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To make your own Hama bead pumpkins, you will need:

  • A square or hexagonal board
  • Orange, green and brown pearls
  • Parchment
  • The iron
  • Hot glue gun (for 3D pumpkins)

I have found that the best boards to use are the square or hexagonal boards. The flyer is not great; the pins are not in the correct positions.

hama pearl pumpkins

This job is really all about trying out different models and seeing what works. I recommend starting with the eye and mouth shapes and working outward from there.

Hama Beaded Pumpkins

If you decide to keep it, cover it with parchment paper and iron it until the beads are fused. I then remove it from the board, turn it over and iron the other side. This gives it a little more stability.

3D Hama Bead Pumpkins

If you decide you want to try making the 3D Hama Bead Pumpkins, you will need to use the square board. It won’t really be a traditional pumpkin shape, but a cube. If you intend to install a battery powered light indoors, make sure your design is wide and tall enough.

hama pearl pumpkins

You will need to make 4 plain orange sides (iron each one after doing this), a cover with brown and green in it for the stem, and one side that will be the carved face of the pumpkin.

hama pearl pumpkins

Once all the sides have been individually fabricated and ironed, you will need to glue the base and sides together using a hot glue gun. Don’t worry about sticking the cover on; you will want to turn it on and off to access the light. You can also use it as a jar to store sweets.

hama pearl pumpkins

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