Review: How to configure the Akismet WordPress plugin (with a free API key)

If you’ve just started a blog, you might not know spamming comments and trackbacks. But these things can destroy your blog with spam comments and trackbacks.

Now the good news is that WordPress offers a pre-installed plugin called Akismet which stops spam.

You need to activate the plugin and configure an API key to get started with Akisment.

A lot of people thought they had to pay money to get the API key. But you can get it for FREE if you run a personal blog, not a business blog / site.

Here I will show you how to configure the Akismet plugin with a free API key.

Before moving on to the tutorial, here are some FAQs about Akismet.

Akismet is a WordPress plugin that filters comments and trackbacks from spam. It is founded by

Akismet checks blog comments and pingbacks and filters out those that look like spam. Then, it lets you examine the spam it detects.

Yes, you need Akismet if your blog comments are enabled. This plugin will help you get rid of spam comments.

Can I get Akismet for free?

Yes, you can get it for free. I’ll show you how to get it for free in this tutorial.

Do I need Akisment with Disqus?

No, Disqus has its own spam filters.

Now let’s move on to the tutorial.

How to configure the Akismet plugin for free

The configuration of the Akismet plugin is very simple. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Register for Akismet

First, visit Akismet’s registration page and select the first (personal) plan.

How to configure WordPress Akismet plugin (with free API key) 2

Here Akismet will ask you to pay money to get started. But it is not essential. You can set it to $ 0 / year.

Now enter your e-mail address, your name and the URL of your site; and tick the boxes. Then click on the “Continue with personal subscription” button.

How to configure WordPress Akismet plugin (with free API key) 3

Akismet will send you a confirmation code to your email address. Copy and paste the code. And click on the “Continue” button.

How to configure the Akismet WordPress plugin (with a free API key) 4

Akismet will send you an API key. Go to your inbox and copy this code.

Now go to WordPress Dashboard> Plugins> Installed Plugins and click on “ Settings ” under Akismet Anti-Spam.

Hope this article has helped you get started with the Akismet WordPress plugin. If you have encountered any difficulties, please let us know via a comment. However, if you found this article useful, please help me by sharing this article on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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