Review: Ideas for choosing good email names that work

In the digital age, email is the most effective way to communicate. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or a professional, you need great email names that reflect who you are, but also give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

As almost half of the total population of this world uses the internet, finding a good email name with giant email providers like Gmail becomes a very difficult task. It’s almost impossible to come up with an email name that has your right name in it without adding unnecessary things like numbers and symbols, unless you have a very unique and unusual name.


Don’t be disappointed. Here I will discuss choosing a good email name that could reflect your brand or professionalism.

What are the correct email names?

Wondering what types of emails are considered good?

Let me explain with an example. Say, you chose [email protected] Does the term “XYZblabla” reflect any idea about the owner of the email address or brand? Simply no!

You should choose an email name that reflects your identity, whether it is your name or your brand.

Some basic points you should always keep in mind when choosing good email names,

  1. Your email name must reflect your identity
  2. Your email name should be short and pleasant
  3. Don’t consider adding unnecessary things like numbers and symbols to your email name.
  4. Avoid using unprofessional words like guy, hot, cool, etc.
  5. Don’t use any random words, it will make it unprofessional.
  6. Avoid using short forms of a word that we use when chatting or messaging.
  7. Do not use mail name generators that produce meaningless random names.

Tips for Choosing Good Email Names for Personal Use

Good email name with gmail

To get good email names for your personal or business use, you need some brainstorming. Avoid choosing a random name suggested by the email provider in a hurry. Consider the ideas below to have a perfect one,

1. The very first way to choose a good email name

Think for a moment and decide 3-4 names you want to have. These traditional names are your first and last name in different orders. You may consider inserting underline or point Between.

You might not be able to get one by this method for the giant and most popular email provider – Gmail. But don’t be disappointed. You always have the option of getting whatever you want from other reputable service providers. You may consider the following email providers,

2. Try to use your profession or designation

There is no rule that a good email name should always have name only. You can add your profession to your email name. If you are a doctor, you may consider adding dr before your name ie [email protected] Likewise, you can add Professor, CA, engineer, etc.

3. Try to shorten your name

You can also try shortening your name to have a good email name, keeping in mind that it represents the original perfectly. For example, you can choose Franc or Frankie for your real name Franklin.

Likewise, you can try to choose the first letter of your First name tracking your Last name. You may consider inserting underline or point Between.

4. Adding your business name to your name

Another effective method of having a good email name is to add the name of your business or organization with your name, keeping in mind that your business / organization has no objection to this.

For example, your name is Rajesh kumar and you work for a company name Axion. You can choose [email protected] or a similar combination.

5. Adding your place of residence or work

Another way to have a good email name is to add a name for the place where you live or work. You just have to be careful that the name of the place is not too long. You can use the short form for your place name, keeping in mind that it doesn’t lose its meaning.

The only motive behind this is to get an email id with your own name without adding unnecessary / meaningless numbers.

The name of your final email will look like this: [email protected]

Go Professional: Use Custom Domain Email ID

Good email name _ Custom domain
Custom domain email ID

You’ve tried everything above and haven’t found a suitable solution or want to look more professional, go for a custom domain email id.

You might be wondering what are these custom domain email IDs?

These email IDs are hosted on their own domain name rather than choosing the domain name of an email provider such as You could buy a domain name and host your email credentials on it. Established businesses and professionals always choose this method.

An email id with the custom domain will look like this: [email protected] or an appropriate one.

You can host your email credentials on a free email hosting company like Zoho.

Steps to follow for a good custom domain email,

1. Choose a perfect domain name to host your email

A professional and effective email name depends only on the domain you choose. Choose an area carefully that reflects your brand or profession.
You might already have a domain for your business, and if you don’t, Namecheap and Godaddy could be a way for it.

2. Get a perfect host to host your email

Along with a number of options available, including Google My Business, if you’re on a tight budget, I recommend picking a free and reliable one like Zoho.

You can host up to 5 email IDs for free with Zoho.

3. Host configuration

Not a supercritical part but a bit of technical knowledge needed for this purpose. Let’s take Zoho as our email hosting and take it a step further,

  1. Create a free Zoho account
  2. Check your email for the confirmation emailConfirm Zoho Account
  3. Confirm and verify, you will be redirected to your account home page.
  4. Click on the Mail option and add your mobile number to verify
  5. Check the option “Domain-based email account” on the next page.
  6. Validate your domain using the TXT / CNAME / HTML method. Make sure that the TTL value should be as low as possible.Zoho TXT Verification
  7. As soon as you validate your domain, you will be redirected to the account creation page.
  8. Create the desired email name and add user details.Create Zoho Email
  9. So easy, right?


An email name is a basic need as an Internet user. Without an email name, you can’t even use your smartphone properly.

A good email name not only reflects your identity, but also gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. It should be easy to pronounce and good to remember. It’s a digital age, and having a great email name shows how genuine you are.

Try the ones above and get one.

You might have a better idea which I missed, feel free to discuss it in the comments section.

And finally, sharing is benevolent !!

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