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Joie has just jumped head first into a new product category with the launch of two variations of their first bedside bed, the Joie RoomieTM and RoomieTM Glide. We were thrilled to be one of the first on the scene to take a look.

A bedside cradle or a “ beside me ” cradle as they are sometimes called are fantastic for forming parent-baby bonds in the first few months. They put your little one within easy reach, which is great for breastfeeding and waking up at night. Our advice? Choose the one that puts safety at the forefront of its design. Joy RoomieTM and RoomieTM Glide both do just that.

Designed to let you sleep with your baby safely, the new Joie RoomieTM and RoomieTM Glide has some really cool features that set the two cradles apart from similar products on the market.

Roomie assemblyTM Glide

The Roomie and Roomie Glide are made with plush woven fabrics and double mesh windows for breathability. These aren’t the biggest bedside beds on the market, and I think that’s a good thing. While being a decent baby size, its overall size doesn’t take up all of your bedroom space by any means.

The cradle arrives unassembled in a box, but fear not – all the components simply snap together, and voila! Your bedside bed is up and running in minutes – thanks in part to the Roomie’s lightweight aluminum frame which is strong but easy to handle. Plus, trigger a sigh of relief – there are no tedious bolts or screws. We know! A MAJOR PLUS, life can be hard enough when you wait!


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11 height settings

The Roomie and Roomie Glide are both designed to fit any bed perfectly, with 11 possible height settings. The cradle’s folding legs allow you to position the Roomie right up to your bed, and the adjustable straps keep it securely in place. The crib is sturdy, yet incredibly light, and has been constructed with soft-coated locking wheels so you can easily move it from room to room if needed.

Sliding side panel

The RoomieTM and RoomieTM Glide’s sliding side panel simply raises and lowers silently and easily with one hand, so you can safely access your baby without interruption, even when you’re half asleep. The side panel drops down completely for total ease of access.

Gentle sliding motion

The RoomieTM Glide has a soothing gliding motion, so you can comfort your baby when they are restless or having trouble settling down. Once baby is asleep, simply secure the slide in place with the one-touch lock and relax in your own crib. Don’t underestimate the power of the glide! We think this is a fabulous USP.

10 belly tilt positions

Both chambers offer ten belly tilt positions with a variation of four heights, so you can tilt the cradle accordingly to help your little one digest their nighttime eating. This is especially helpful if your baby is suffering from colic or reflux, and will be a complete sparer for you and your baby.

Wipeable and washable

Both cribs come with a comfortably padded, yet firm, 3D mesh mattress so your baby can breathe freely. In addition, cleaning is easy, the mattress cover is washable and the fabrics of the bed itself are wiped down.

Room-mateTM Glide is available in two stylish colors; almond and misty gray. Recommended Retail Price £ 169. RoommateTM comes is available in Gray and Walnut Flannel – RRP £ 149. Available to purchase from good nursery retailers. For details, visit the website:

Joie is a global baby products brand founded in 2011 and its products are designed with family at heart. All Joie products are rigorously tested to the highest European standards.


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